Sponsorship Assistance Program

Able Kids clients

The majority of children and adults seen at the Able Kids Foundation are unable to process auditory information efficiently in their daily lives. Providing evaluations and management solutions to these individuals to aid communication is essential. The Able Kids Foundation’s Sponsorship Assistance Program was created to provide financial support to families for CAP diagnostic and management services. This program is anchored by the Royal Arch Masons of Colorado. We are also grateful for the kindness and generosity of other friends of the Foundation who support our families and remove financial barriers to provide them with life-changing opportunities.

Families may apply for financial support based on a sliding fee schedule. Clients and/or their families will be asked to complete a financial questionnaire to determine level of sponsorship. This form is only required if families wish to apply for the Able Kids Foundation Sponsorship Program and insurance will not be covering any cost of the appointment. Following receipt of the required documentation, level of sponsorship will be determined according to the Sponsorship Assistance Program financial support guidelines.