Able Kids Foundation has had the privilege to speak to local, state, and national groups about CAPD.

Gift-A-Palooza 2024 Virtual Summit on Giftedness and Neurodiversity

February 2024

Drs. Locke and Wisdom and Austina DeBonte presented "It’s Probably Not (Just) ADHD: Teasing apart APD, VPD, ADHD & Stealth Dyslexia."

US Autism Association World Autism Conference and Exposition

December 2023

CAPD, Autism, or Both? Dr. Locke shared information about CAPD and the importance of bringing awareness and understanding of this condition to the autism population.

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Conference 2023

November 2023

Drs. Locke and Wisdom coauthored an article this year titled "Getting to the Root Causes of Twice-Exceptionality: Are There Foundational Factors That We Are Overlooking?" The article was accepted and will be published in the Journal for the Education of the Gifted. It was also presented at the NAGC Conference.

Podcast with Dr. Hellerstein

December 2022

Dr. Hellerstein, optometrist and co-owner of Hellerstein and Brenner Vision Center, discusses CAPD with Dr. Locke. This podcast can be found on the Resources page.

Colorado Department of Education Kaleidoscope Conference

September 2022

Dr. Locke, an invited speaker at the Colorado Department of Education Kaleidoscope Conference, presented information on the identification, diagnosis, and management of CAPD.

Featured Speaker for the US Autism Association

April 2022

Dr. Locke was a featured speaker for the US Autism Seminar: Meltdowns and Neuro-crashes. Many individuals with autism present with the classic symptoms of CAPD. Identifying and supporting their CAPD can help them better control the auditory chaos in their environments.

Royal Arch Mason Regional Masonic Meeting

March 2022

Dr. Locke was an invited speaker at the Royal Arch Mason Regional Masonic meeting in Golden, Colorado. She met with several officers from surrounding chapters to share information about the Foundation and the positive impact the Colorado Masons continue to have on families through their generosity and support of the Foundation’s Sponsorship Assistance Program.

CAPD Presentation for Parent Group of Gifted Children

March 2020

Dr. Locke presented to a parent group of gifted children. Research and information about CAPD was discussed, as well as the impacts of CAPD on gifted students and how they can be supported.  

Royal Arch Mason Assembly in Albuquerque, New Mexico

April 2019

Dr. Locke spoke at the Royal Arch Mason assembly in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Information about Able Kids Foundation, CAPD, and the Sponsorship Assistance Program was shared.

PG Retreat in Colorado Springs, Colorado

July 2018

Dr. Locke was invited to and presented information about CAPD at the PG Retreat in Colorado Springs during the 2018 and 2019 Retreats. PG Retreat is a community of families with profoundly gifted children and teens.

An Evening with Chapter 29 of the Colorado Royal Arch Masons

January 2018

Able Kids Foundation spent an evening with Chapter 29 of the Colorado Royal Arch Masons to share information about the Foundation, CAPD, and speak on behalf of the families who benefit from their generous spirit. The Colorado Masons anchor the Foundation’s Sponsorship Assistance Program and provide financial scholarships to individuals in need of central auditory processing evaluation and management solutions. Dr. Locke also accepted a generous donation on behalf of the Foundation that will provide life-changing opportunities for individuals with CAPD.

Post-Adoption Resource Center Spotlight Conference

May 2015

Able Kids Foundation was an invited participant in the Post-Adoption Resource Center Spotlight Conference in Englewood, Colorado. This event provided resources and information to families and professionals.

Rocky Mountain Mason Magazine Article

October 2014

Able Kids Foundation was invited to publish an article in the Rocky Mountain Mason magazine.

Exceptional Parent Magazine Article

July 2014

Able Kids Foundation published a featured article for Exceptional Parent Magazine about CAPD.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder should be investigated when there are concerns and indicators to do so.

CAPD can impact academic performance, work performance, self-esteem, relationships, overall well-being, and quality of life. CAPD may also influence how individuals feel in noisy environments and should be considered when there are concerns and indicators to do so.

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