The Able Kids Foundation has launched the I AM ABLE™ Initiative, a public service campaign established to provide a platform to showcase the abilities of children and adults with disabilities. This inclusive Initiative was conceived to increase awareness as to the positive impact of showcasing our abilities rather than focusing on our challenges.

Currently there are approximately 5.6 billion different people in the world. Some have a difference called a disability. People with disabilities have to deal with a myriad of barriers. They often lack access to essential services for a number of reasons such as a lack of awareness or the availability/innovation of technology.

This could be classified as a “silent crisis” that affects not only individuals with challenges and their families, but also economic and social development, where a significant reservoir of human potential goes untapped.

The I AM ABLE™ Initiative is the standard whereby life-changing programs are made available to children and adults with challenges.

The Foundation is proud of our community representation on the Inspiration Playground Executive Committee, which created the first accessible playground for children with disabilities in Colorado.